I BEAUTY flawless foundation brush

Color: White with Rose Gold
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DESCRIPTION: This professional-quality HD brush is a must-have tool for contouring, highlighting and flawless blending of I CONCEAL Flawless Foundation SPF 30. Its dense bristles are designed to fit the contours of the face and are perfect for applying, blending and buffing makeup to create an airbrushed effect. 

SKIN TYPE: All skin types. 

BENEFITS: Perfect for application of serum, primer, foundation, tinted moisturizer or self bronzer/tanner. This brush works with liquid, cream or powder foundations.

DIRECTIONS: For pro HD results, distribute a small amount of I CONCEAL on the back of your hand or onto a makeup palette. Tap brush on foundation until bristles are lightly and evenly coated. Apply I CONCEAL in small circular motions beginning in the center of the face, blending outward and upward into the hairline.

Pro Tip:

Transform your appearance by using the Flawless foundation brush and I CONCEAL to highlight and contour like a pro! Dense bristles specifically designed to fit the contours of your face flawlessly blend and buff makeup for a perfectly airbrushed effect.


To give the face a more chiseled appearance, apply I CONCEAL in a few shades darker than your skin to areas where you want to draw attention away. These areas generally include the hollows of your cheekbones, temples, forehead, chin and the sides of the nose.


For highlighting, apply I CONCEAL in a few shades lighter than your skin to the places where you want to draw attention. For a dewy complexion, apply highlight to the under-eye area, top of the cheekbones, cupid’s bow, and the middle of the forehead.

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