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BODY SPA face and body bronzer

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4.0 oz

DESCRIPTION: This fast-acting sunless tanner creates the ultimate safe tan without the risk of sun damage. Natural sugar protein develops into a beautiful golden shade with light shimmer that evens skin tone and offers the bonus of disguising skin imperfections. Time-released moisturizers ensure smooth, skin-softening hydration. The color looks natural and develops gradually without streaking, orange buildup or a traditional self-tanner smell.

SKIN TYPE: All skin types.

BENEFITS: Sunless natural looking tan without the damaging effects of the sun. Hydrates and moisturizes without an unpleasant smell. No streaking or orange color build up on the skin.

DIRECTIONS: Exfoliate face with AGELESS total facial cleanser or ILUMA intense brightening exfoliating powder and exfoliate body with BODY SPA exfoliating body scrub. Wear Gloves when applying to face and body. Apply a small amount of bronzer to entire body and face like a lotion, blending thoroughly. Allow to penetrate a few minutes before applying PREVENTION + moisturizer for daily protection. Wash hands thoroughly after application.

PRO TIP: Wear gloves when applying to face and body. When applying to backs of hands and feet, and rough areas, use a bristled foundation brush to feather bronzer lightly onto these areas.


  • Erythrulose with pigment
  • Aloe barbadensis extract
  • Vitamin E