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I've currently got too many delayed or long-term commissions, gifts, and other projects I need to complete, and even considering new commissions is too distracting / tempting. So, I am not accepting new commissions at this time. I am very sorry to disappoint anyone, and I know I'm missing some great opportunities for inspiring carvings, but this is my reality.
If you want to think about commissioning a spoon from another lovespoon carver, or eventually from me, here are a few helpful questions to consider:

Then, once I'm accepting commissions again, please send me an EMAIL with your inquiry, (including any thoughts you have on the questions above) and I'll respond as soon as possible (usually within a day or two).

Then, here is some additional information that may be helpful if you are considering commissioning a lovespoon:

Other timing relating to lovespoons:

Lovespoon Pricing:

Why commission a Lovespoon?

Current Stock Availability:

Blake's Practical Applications consists of one resource, alone. As a result, there are significant scheduling, physical, and even artistic limitations to what I can produce for inventory, especially when it comes to hand-made items. My time is spent not only on carving and finishing lovespoons, but also website administration, a tremendous amount of time with volunteer work, teaching/speaking engagements, design, and occasional product research and development. Once in a while, I may even make a little effort towards marketing. I am still learning as I go, and I am always trying to develop ways to simplify everything (except lovespoon carving!*). So, THANK YOU to all my customers who have born with me through the long wait periods and supported me as I continue to learn and grow!

* Incidentally, I don't have anything against modern technology. I quite like it, in fact. It just isn't a good fit with my lovespoon designs, and my own carving preferences, so I tend to stick with the old-fashioned, non-powered hand tools like chisels and gouges, little bits of abrasives, and ordinary oil and wax.

Thank you very much for your interest - and patience!

This page last updated May, 2016