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CURRENTLY DISPAYING... a member artist at Studios on High Gallery in Columbus' Short North Arts district - 686 N. High St.
Amidst my work on lovespoons, I'm also collaborating with fellow SOHG artist, Mikelle Hickman-Romine. The results of our collaboration will be featured at SOHG throughout the month of May, 2016. Stop by and see what happens when a woodcarver and a jewelry/fine beadwork artist collaborate! Crafting Enchantment Show May 2016


Sign up NOW at the Columbus WoodCraft Store on Bethel Road for upcoming carving (or many other) classes!

CARVING A BASIC SPOON - Classes currently scheduled for Thursday, May 5th; Friday, July 22nd; Friday, August 12th, and Saturday, August 20th -
Sign up NOW at the Columbus WoodCraft Store on Bethel Road
In this one day class, students will learn the basic considerations involved in carving a basic kitchen spoon, one of the most comprehensive and practical carving exercises available. We will discus wood selection, carving characteristics, preparing blanks, practical considerations, basic carving techniques, and a traditional oil finish which may be applied not only to carving spoons, but to most any kind of carving.

Prices and details are available in the "classes" section of the Columbus Woodcraft Store's website, and you can call or visit the store to sign up, and see an example up close.

CARVING TRICKS: BALL IN CAGE - Thursday, May 19th (including a break for lunch)
Sign up NOW at the Columbus WoodCraft Store on Bethel Road.
Have you been apprehensive about trying woodcarving, or trying those old "Whittlin" Tricks? Don't be! In this one day class, students will carve a free-moving ball in a cage from a single block of wood (provided). You will also practice several basic carving techniques, sharpening, and learn about planning, design traditions, and more through this fun and relatively quick project that's not only satisfying, but great for impressing your friends and family.
Prices and details are available in the "classes" section of the Columbus Woodcraft Store's website, and you can call or visit the store to sign up, and see an example up close.

COMING SOON - additional class offerings at the Columbus Idea Foundry!


Past Events

February & March 2016 Carving Classes

CARVING A BASIC SPOON - Thanks to all the students in my Tuesday, February 23rd, and Saturday, March 12th classes! Students will learned the basic considerations involved in carving a basic kitchen spoon, one of the most comprehensive and practical carving exercises available. We discussed wood selection, carving characteristics, preparing blanks, practical considerations, basic carving techniques, and a basic spoon finishes, applicable not only to spoons, but also most any kind of carving.

November 2015 Carving Classes

Saturday, November 21st - CARVING TRICKS: CAPTIVE RING - a one-day class, from 10am - 4pm (with break for lunch) ..... Each student learned the method and basics of this popular carving "trick" - which really isn't a trick at all (you just carve away whatever isn't the ring or the post!). Students practiced fundamental carving techniques, and addressed some common challenges, especially the problem of accessing difficult-to-reach areas with basic tools. It was a long day, but every student succeeded in impressing their instructor, and freeing their captive ring before the day was through, and one even made great progress into decorating hers! Thanks for a very fun day, everyone!

Thursdays in November and December, 2015 - CARVING A CHRISTMAS-THEMED LOVESPOON - a 4-session class. Each student carved a basswood lovespoon with a Christmas themed decoration based on an original design by the instructor. In this four-session class, students learned and practiced fundamental carving techniques, and addressed common carving challenges. They also did a fantastic job trying their hands at relief carving a detailed mistletoe design, using very simple tools. The project tackled several common carving challenges, including keeping symmetry and working with wood grain, while carving long, continuous curves; a small,deep bowl; and a delicate design. Each student was able to apply their first finish coat during the final session of the class, thanks to having done a little homework between sessions - the results were excellent!

May 2015 Carving Class

Thursday, May 14th, from 10AM to 4PM - Carving a Basic Spoon - In this one day class, students learned the basic considerations involved in carving a basic kitchen spoon, one of the most comprehensive and practical carving exercises available. We discused wood selection, carving characteristics, preparing blanks, basic carving techniques, and a traditional oil finish which may be applied not only to carving spoons, but to most any kind of carving, as we all carved basic kitchen spoons. Thanks to everyone who joined this class - everyone did a fantastic job!

November 13, and December 6, 2014

Thank you to all of you students who braved the inaugural instance of teaching my first "Whittling Tricks" class at the Columbus WoodCraft Store on Bethel Road, and joined me to learn to carve a ball in a cage! It was a very full class, but it seemed to be a case where "the more, the merrier" applied! Everyone did an impressive job learning or practicing basic carving techniques to round out a ball within a four-posted cage, and most did succeed in freeing that elusive sphere before the end of the class! For those few who weren't quite there when it was time to end, I hope they'll send me pictures of their completed projects very soon. It seemed like everyone found it to be a fun and gratifying project, and I hope they impressed their friends and family with their resutls. Next up - Captive Rings!

November 8th and 9th, 2014

Saturday, Nov 8 from 10-6, and Sunday, Nov 9 from 10-5, I had the pleasure, finally, to display my spoons and other works at the Artistry in Wood Carving Show, in Dayton, Ohio - one of the largest carving shows in the country, for the first time as an exhibitor! I've attended for years, but have never been sufficiently prepared to display. If you are a carver, and have never been to this show, do yourself a favor, and make a point of going - it's always the second weekend in November. There is a small admission fee, but it's more than worth it. Not only are there myriad great carvers and demos throughout the weekend, but there are also many excellent vendors, and terrific deals to be had on carving equipment and supplies. To everyone I met there, and all the people I knew who stopped to say hello, thanks for visiting, and I hope you enjoyed the show as much as I did!

November 1, 2014

Saturday, November 1, I set up a display at my local carving club's annual show from 10-4:30 at Whetstone Community Center here in Columbus. Thanks very much to the chippers for organizing the show, and to everyone who stopped in to see it! More information may be found on the The Columbus Chippers' Facebook Page, and see what will be happening at recent or upcoming meetings on their blog.
After I set up at the Chippers show, my darling husband minded my table for a few hours, as I headed over to demonstrate at the Columbus WoodCraft Store on Bethel Road for their anniversary celebration day. I, along with a few other regular instructors and carvers, had fun talking with customers as we demonstrated there, and many visitors won some really great prizes! I even managed to free a ball in a cage, in anticipation carving classes!

During October, 2014

I had spoons on display, temporarily, at the Studios on High Gallery in the Short North here in Columbus. It was the first time to exhibit for an extended time in an art gallery like this, and it proved to be a wonderful experience! I was able to meet lots of great artists, and help out a little by demonstrating at the gallery a few days throughout the month. Thank you, Studios on High, for inviting me to be part of your gallery! I hope I'll get to join you again in the future!

August 2014 - Labor Day Weekend

Thursday - Sunday, August 28th - 31st, I displayed once again in the Marketplace at the always-amazing North American Festival of Wales (NAFOW), this year in Minneapolis, Minnesota. I got to visit lots of old friends there, and met some new ones, both at the festival, and while taking in a little more of Minneapolis. Lots of great music, both for listening and for joining in, tons of fun Welsh stuff in the marketplace, and so much to learn! I even managed for the first time, after 4 days in the marketplace, and after packing up all my things, to make it to the 83rd National Gymanfa Ganu evening session! (my first national!). Then, near the end of the Gymanfa Ganu, I had the distinct honor of participating in the closing ceremony, as the Local Committee Chair for next year's festival, which will be in Columbus, Ohio! After Toronto and Minneapolis, we have our work cut out for us in Columbus! There's so much we have to offer, though - it'll be a wonderful festival here - I'm certain of it! More information will be coming very soon at - make your reservations early!
Oh, and for anyone curious about whether I ever got my acute ragweed allergy at least somewhat under control - it seems I finally have - hooray! The hives have subsided, and I no longer look so much like the mole-man on the Simpsons! Thanks to all who helped out and tolerated me as I attempted to muddle through!

May 2014

This year, for the weekend of May 17th and 18th, I participated in the Welsh Heritage Days at Bob Evans Farm in Rio Grande, Ohio. The Madog Center for Welsh Studies, along with the Bob Evans Farm, Inc. teamed up to plan this excellent weekend of celebrating Welsh culture and heritage on the picturesque Bob Evans Farm & Homestead. A wonderful concert from Moch Pryderi Saturday evening was a real treat! Then Sunday's Eisteddfod competitions offered not only lots of prize money, but for those of us lucky enough to be present, a truly impressive day of recitations, solo musical performances in both English and Welsh, and a few fantastic choirs, adding a genuine sense of awe to the whole beautiful day. If you didn't make it this year, you missed out! Don't miss it next year, when it will be consolidated to just one day. With all the interesting information booths and vendors, along with the Eisteddfod competitions, it is truly unique - not your average Celtic festival. The festival is modeled after the original Welsh Heritage Days from the 1970's. If you're interested in Welsh language, poetry or music, you won't want to miss next year's event! It was exciting to have a chance to be a part of a Welsh festival, especially in an area with such a deep, rich history of Welsh Heritage, planned by such strong organizations. Thank you, Bob Evans Farms, and Madog Center for Welsh Studies!

April 2014

Saturday, April 19, 2014, I enjoyed another wonderful day in Parkersburg, WV, filled with Celtic entertainment, vendors, and celebration of heritage at the Scottish/Celtic Heritage Festival at the City Park Pavillion. Thanks to everyone who stopped by my table, and to Pam Brust, and all who did a stellar job organizing the event!

The weekend of April 26-27, 2014, the fun-filled Ashville Viking Festival proved to be another fun weekend. Thanks to all who stopped by to taste a bit of "daffodil dew" (homemade caramel), and talk about Welsh things as I demonstrated a little lovespoon carving on Sunday, helping out with the Welsh Society of Central Ohio (WSCO) booth. Lots of fun people, and interesting and entertaining exhibits, demonstrations and vendors. If you missed it this year, mark your calendar for next year - it's always the last weekend in April!

March 2014

For the first three Wednesdays in March - the 5th, 12th, and 19th - from 6-9pm, I was fortunate enough to have a great group of students in my class: "Lovespoon Fundamentals" at the WoodCraft Store on Bethel Road in Columbus. In this class, students learned a little about Welsh Lovespoon history and tradition, and practiced several useful, versatile carving challenges: focusing on long, smooth curves, a small, deep bowl, and carving delicate features. See more about this and other classes offered at Woodcraft's Website or the WoodCraft store, where you can also sign up.

October 2013

Saturday, October 12th, from 2pm to 10pm in Akron, Ohio, I showed at a new venue for me: the DeBord Halloween Festival. This was the 18th year the DeBord family has organized this FREE, family-friendly, community festival, open to the public. It was lots of fun, with so many interesting displays, entertainment, and fun things to do for kids and adults, alike. Thanks very much to Claude DeBord for inviting me to join in the fun!

ALSO on Saturday, October 12th, from 10am - 4:30pm, The Central Ohio Woodcarvers Show and Sale took place at the Whetstone Community Center on N. High St. in Clintonville, OH. The Columbus Chippers (My local carving club) put on a very nice, fun show, with carvings on display from lots of my friends with whom I carve most weeks. I hated to miss it this year, but I hope to be back next year!

August 2013 - Labor Day Weekend

Thursday, August 29th - Sunday, September 1st, I attended the North American Festival of Wales (NAFOW), with a table in the marketplace, right next to the table of my friend and fellow lovespoon carver, David Western. Dave & I teamed up to offer several demonstrations and a seminar about Welsh Lovespoons - a very rare opportunity for anyone with an interest in lovespoons! A huge thanks to Dave, and to the NAFOW for this great opportunity, and to everyone at the festival who received us so well and offered your interest and kind remarks. Once again, it was a great festival, and I enjoyed every minute, visiting with friends, old and new! Now it's time to start preparing for next year's NAFOW in Minneapolis! Toronto and the Royal York hotel were also completely wonderful, and I hope to have a chance to return again, soon!

May 2013

Saturday, May 18, 2013, I set up again at the 9th annual Celtic Beltane Festival in Northeast Ohio. The festival was at a beautiful new venue this year: The Tudor House at Portage Lakes State Park off of Manchester Road in Akron, OH. Technically, it's New Franklin Ohio's Franklin Park Civic Center, at 655 Latham Lane, Akron, 44319. Despite the somewhat confusing address, it was a beautiful place, and a beautiful day, full of great entertainment, highland games, and of course, lots of Celtic vendors.

April 2013

Saturday, April 20, 2013, I enjoyed another wonderful day at the Scottish/Celtic Heritage Festival at the City Park Pavillion in Parkersburg, WV from 10am to 5pm. Lots of fun entertainment, interesting vendors, and an exceptionally friendly crowd! I'm already looking forward to next year's!

For three Thursdays in April, the 11th, 18th, and 25th, from 6-9pm, I taught my "Carving a Lovespoon - Fundamentals" class again at WoodCraft on Bethel Road in Columbus. The students all made some lovely spoons, embracing the challenges the designs presented, and I hope there will be more lovespoons made in the world, as a result!See more about the classes offered at Woodcraft's Website. If you missed it this time, keep an eye on their schedule, as I will be teaching another class (maybe a new one this time...) in November.

December 2012

Tuesday, December 4th at 10:00am, during a rare visit to Ohio, David Western generously gave a wonderful presentation about Lovespoon History and Carving at the Delaware Center for Older Adults/Senior Citizens, Inc at 800 Cheshire Rd., Suite B, Delaware, Ohio 43015. The talk was greatly enjoyed by all who attended - Thanks to David, and to the Delaware Center for Older Adults!

November 2012

November 1st, 8th and 15th, 2012, from 6-9PM, I taught my very first full-length class on Carving Lovespoons at my local Woodcraft Store, on Bethel Road in Columbus, Ohio. Unlike the workshops I did earlier this year for a couple local carving clubs, this was three 3-hour sessions, with a week between each session to make progress on the carving. The students were great, and lots of spoons were made! Looking forward to scheduling another class, soon! Watch for more details at the Woodcraft store, or on their website.

October 2012

October 13th, I joined several of my local carving friends, and brought some carvings to the Central Ohio Woodcarvers' Show and Sale at Whetstone Community Center in Columbus, Ohio. We all had a great time! See more information on the Columbus Chippers' blog

August / September 2012 (Labor Day Weekend)

August 30 - September 2, in Scranton, PA, at the Hilton Scranton & Conference Center, I brought some spoons, along with a few other new products to the Marketplace at the North American Festival of Wales (NAFOW). I had such a great time, and saw lots of familiar faces, and I think I probably did a whole year's worth of talking about lovespoons! It was a terrific weekend, and I'm already trying to figure out if I can make it to next one! If not next year, I'll definitely be there the following year. Next year sounds like it will be something really special, in Toronto, Ontario. If you're Welsh (or just interested in Welsh things...), it's a can't-miss event!

July 2012

Friday, July 27, 2012, I joined some friends from the Columbus Chippers, demonstrating carving at the DiSalle Center at the Ohio State Fair. I worked all day on my section of the spoon I'm making with David Western for the West Coast Eisteddfod. Talked to lots of nice fair-goers, and took a couple breaks to check out some of the other exhibits at the fair. Being in the same building as the baking competitions was just unfair. (ha).

May 2012

The third Tuesday, May 15th, I led a short Lovespoon Workshop for my local woodcarving club: the Columbus Chippers at the Whetstone Community Center. This was similar to the workshop I did in Newark in March, earlier this year. More information about the Columbus Chippers can be found at their blog, at Thanks, to all who came, and I hope you had fun! It was fun to make spoons with a lot of the people I normally carve with, for a change.

Saturday May 19th, from 10am to 6pm, I participated in the Celtic Beltane Festival, at Maize Valley Winery in Hartville, Ohio. This was my third time at this event. I missed it last year, so it was great to be back! It was a beautiful day, and lots of fun, as always! Great entertainment, good food, and I even managed to sneak away to see a little of the highland games this time, including catching an old friend making his first perfect throw in the Caber Toss! Thanks to everyone who came out! It was a great day.

April 2012

On Saturday, April 21, in the Parkersburg, WV City Park Pavilion, I attended the Scottish & Celtic Heritage Festival from 10am to 5pm. This was my first year at this festival, and I believe the second year they held the event. I had a wonderful time, and met lots of terrific people. They had several excellent, interesting vendors and clans, top notch entertainment - music, dancing and story-telling - a raffle with great prizes, and even celtic-themed food - I had a haggis puff for lunch! And the whole event was indoors, so even though it was a little chilly and rainy, we were still comfortable and dry and everyone appeared to be having a wonderful time. I know I did, and I'm already looking forward to next year! Thanks, to everyone who came out, and to the organizers of the event!

March 2012

I was invited to give a Lovespoon Workshop on March 6th (Just after St David's Day) for the Land of Legends Woodcarvers' club in Newark, Ohio. This was my first attempt at a group "teaching" situation, (at least, about carving) so I was a little nervous, and out-of-practice with the speaking to a group thing. The group seemed to bear with me, though, and it seemed well-received, all the same. A big thanks to Land of Legends Woodcarvers!

February 2012

Friday, February 3rd, from about noon to 5pm, I joined a few of my friends from the Columbus Chippers, demonstrating carving at the Woodworking Show at the Voinevich Building at the Ohio State Fairgrounds in Columbus. It's a big show for all kinds of woodworkers, with lots of great sales and demonstrations of all sorts of woodworking tools and equipment. It was a fun day, we met lots of people, and maybe our carving club will get a few new members!

Saturday, February 25th, the Welsh Society of Central Ohio held its annual St David's Day event with Seminars, Annual Meeting and luncheon. This year, I was one of the co-chairs for the event, and was busy helping out, so I didn't bring along lovespoons. It was a very nice day, and I hope everyone else enjoyed it as much as I did!

September 2011

September 1-4 at the Crowne Plaza in Cleveland, Ohio, I was in the Marketplace at the North American Festival of Wales (NAFOW). This is certainly the most ideal event for a lovespoon carver! I shared a couple of tables with fellow lovespoon carver Chris Watkins (who had me as a guest at a couple shows back in 2009) throughout the event. And outside of marketplace hours, I also got to participate in some of the fabulous Welsh activities including concerts, open mic night, and lots of camaraderie. I'm already looking forward to next year!

May 2011

May 21st, I participated in the Lancaster Celtic Gathering. It was in a new location this year, at The Moose Family Center 1201 Sugar Grove Road, Lancaster, Ohio. Adult admission was $6, and there were all sorts of fun activities and entertainment, not to mention lots of entertainment, history and celtic-related vendors.

March 2011

March 26 & 27, I once again participated in the Stark County Woodcarvers' Expressions in Wood show in Canton, Ohio. It was, again, a terrific display of many excellent carvers in the Cultural Center in downtown Canton. A really great carving show, but unfortunately, due to several mounting obstacles, this was the last year for this show.

November 2010

Saturday, November 6th, I was at the "Christmas with an Irish Touch" craft show in Rocky River, Ohio. The event was from 10 a.m. - 4 pm at the West Shore Unitarian Church, 20401 Hilliard Blvd. Rocky River, OH.

September 2010

Saturday and Sunday, September 25-26, I will be participating in a wood carving show in Strongsville, Ohio. Art in Wood; at the Walter F. Ehrnfelt Senior Center -18100 Royalton Rd (Rt 82); Strongsville, OH. Admission is Free.

August 2010

Saturday and Sunday, August 21-22, I participated as a "Suttler" in the Black Horse Civil War Reenactment in Ravenna, OH, at Sunbeau Valley Farm. I was offering spoons, pens, and a few other little things.

May 2010

Saturday, May 22nd, I had a booth at the Beltane Celtic Festival in Hartville, Ohio. What a great Celtic Festival! So much fun!!! Despite the rain, I had a wonderful day.

April 2010

April 22, I was invited to show some of my spoons at the Faculty Fellow presentation in association with the Madog Center for Welsh Studies at Rio Grande University in Southern Ohio. I was excited to be doing something in association with the Madog Center, and I hope I will be able to be involved in more events in the future!

March 2010

Saturday & Sunday, March 20-21, 2010
I participated in the Stark County Woodcarvers' Expressions in Wood show, in Canton, Ohio. The show was a wonderful display of many very talented carvers, in the lovely downtown Canton cultural center.

February 2010

Saturday, February 27th, 2010
Welsh Society of Central Ohio St David's Day Luncheon - I also displayed some of my spoons at the event.

November 2009

Friday, November 6, 2009
I exhibited several spoons at the Art Loft in Delaware, Ohio during the months of November and December. My spoons will be among a variety of fine arts and crafts on display. An opening night reception will take place on Friday, November 6, from 6pm to 9pm. Please stop in and say hello, if you can! Or, at least stop into the Gallery.

August 2009

Saturday & Sunday, August 15-16, 2009
I had a tent in the Sutler's Village at a Civil War re-enactment in Hartville, OH at Maize Valley Winery. It was a wonderful event, hosted by the 23rd OVI Co B & US Civil War Ladies Auxiliary Association, Inc. This was my first time at a Civil War reenactment. It was so much fun, and fascinating, too. Thanks to everyone who stopped by, and my neighboring Suttlers who gave me so much education through the event! I am already looking forward to next year's event.

July 2009

Saturday,, July 18, 2009
I had fun attending the Welsh Society of Central Ohio's annual picnic. We had lots of fun visiting, comparing our ancestries, singing Welsh songs, and auctioning off several items, including a spoon I'd donated. I felt really honored at the attention my spoon drew, and enjoyed talking with some people about them, too. Such a nice group of people - always a good time at these events! I might even have found my first distant relative in the group!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009
I was extremely fortunate to get to visit the 2009 Smithsonian Folklife Festival in Washington D.C. on the Mall. They featured Wales in the festival this year, and among all the people they brought over from Wales was none other than Mike Davies - Lovespoon carver extraordinaire. He was demonstrating carving of Welsh Lovespoons, and talking about them with festival-goers, including me.

Many thanks to Mike for spending so much time answering questions and generously sharing lots of great ideas and carving tips & techniques! Truly a master at his art, and a very kind, encouraging fellow, as well! What a true pleasure and honor it was to get to visit with him like that. A big Thanks to the Smithsonian, too! An outstanding event, throughout! I'm still learning all the time about my Welsh heritage, and this festival was a great learning experience.

June 2009

No events in June - just lots of family events, work on a few gifts and commissions, and lots of work on in-progress and new spoons!

May 2009

Saturday, May 30, 2009
Beltane Celtic Festival in Hartville, Ohio: Again, I joined Chris Watkins - thanks, Chris! To those who stopped in to purchase spoons, or just to say hello or comment on our spoons - Thank you! It was a VERY fun festival - it was a beautiful day, ideal venue, and so many terrific people and attractions! I definitely hope to do it again in the future. I even made my first offical celtic festival sale - yay!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009
I managed to get this website up & running - using a site builder tool - still undecided about that, though. We'll see how it is to maintain. It's still simplistic, but hopefully at least can show a little of what I'm doing...

Saturday, May 16, 2009
A Celtic Gathering in Lancaster, Ohio: Chris Watkins, of Llwyau Sgwd (Waterfall Lovespoons), was kind enough to let me join his booth at the Celtic Gathering in Lancaster, Ohio. This was my first time offering lovespoons for sale. We had a fun day, and met lots of nice people! Thanks, to everyone who stopped by, and a BIG Thanks to Chris for having me along!

Thanks for visiting!