Jenkins Lovespoons by Blake's Practical Applications

About Blake's Practical Applications, LLC

What is Blake's Practical Applications? Well...

The short answer is, it's my company name. Medium-sized answer: a one-person company created by someone with a variety of interests and skills, trying to find practical applications for said skills. Some of those skills and interests are relatively practical to begin with, but others are - well - pretty highly specialized and unique, and finding a practical application may be a fun challenge. I do appreciate a good challenge.

In case that didn't satisfy your curiosity, here's a longer explanation:
After nearly twenty years managing projects and such (mostly technology projects) in the Financial Services industry, while I did learn that I have a lot of interests and skills I could apply in that field, I finally decided that I'd like to work more in the field I studied in College; my degree was in Fine Arts. Art tends to be "in your blood," and after discovering the Welsh Lovespoon tradition in 2006, I was feeling drawn towards the arts more than ever.

I started making Welsh Lovespoons, but didn't want to limit myself, so I came up with a product name using my (Welsh) maiden name: Jenkins Lovespoons. But I knew I was likely to expand into other areas, like wood turning (pens, bowls, etc.), textiles (sewing, designing, even printing), drawing and painting, design, and maybe even eventually some of those practical skills I'd been applying in the Corporate world for so long. I even built this website; See? Practical.

In any case, I wanted a very general name, and I'd been in the habit of using the name "Blake" on the internet for many years. That led to the creation of "Blake's Practical Applications," in the spring of 2009. I hope my little company will continue to grow and evolve, as time goes on. I especially like to focus on those more unique interests. Since there is only one of me, mass production doesn't really suit me, so it seems most practical to embrace those especially unique skills and interests.

Pretty quickly, I realized the Lovespoon thing was growing more quickly than I had expected, so I also registered the domain name "," thinking that I'd eventually build out both websites. Now, Jenkins Lovespoons is my primary site, and has been "parked" - so it just redirects you to